How do I change my order type (ex. half share to full share)?

Login and go to the Customize Your Order page. Remove your current order by clicking the trash can symbol in the upper right hand corner. Then click on + Add Another Share in the section below. Save Changes after selecting your products!

How do I purchase Add-on Products?

Login and go to the Add-on Products page. Click Add to Cart under your desired item, and click Place Order to finalize! Note that these are one-time purchases, they will not be sitting actively in your cart from week to week. Check back in before your deadline for any new items or updated flavors and to make another purchase!

Do I have to get an order every week?

No. You can pause your subscription at any time up to 72 hours before your next delivery (before your card is charged). To do so, Login and go to the Your Account page. Click the switch next to Pause my Subscription and remember to click save at the bottom of the page to save your new settings. Your subscription will remain paused until you unpause it, and we will send out weekly reminders if you have email or text notifications enabled. If you have text notifications enabled, you can respond to the text with the words PAUSE or UNPAUSE to control the status of your subscription without even having to log into your account!

What towns do you deliver to, and if I am not in your delivery area can I pick up? 

We make deliveries in these Connecticut towns: East Windsor, Ellington, Enfield, Glastonbury, Manchester, Somers, South Windsor, Stafford, Tolland, Union, Vernon, West Hartford, and Willington. If you do not live in one of these towns, you can create an account and select Pickup. Tuesday and Thursday are pick-up days. We will have a package with your name on it for you to pick up from 8am - 6pm at 80 Meadow Brook Road Ellington, CT 06029.    

When can I make changes?

You can make any changes to your order, Pause/Resume, or add additional shares to your subscription, up until 3 days prior to your next delivery. Be sure to click Save Changes!

About Our Products

Product options:

Whole Milk, 2% Milk, Skim Milk - Gallon or Half Gallon

Chocolate Milk - Half Gallon

Coffee Milk - Quart        

Half & Half, Heavy Cream - Quart                                                    

Eggs - 1 dozen                                      

Wecka Bread - 1 loaf

Sour Cream - 16oz  

Cottage Cheese - 16oz                                                                           

Butter - 1/2 pound salted

The following flavors change weekly (visit Facebook or Instagram for our menu):

Yogurt - 16oz           

Cookies - 8 piece           

Cottage Cheese Dip - 12oz           

Granola - 6oz           

Cheese - Size varies weekly 


All our milk is pasteurized and homogenized. Our yogurt & cottage cheese dips are pasteurized. All cheese except those from Smith’s Country Cheese & Cato Corner Farm are pasteurized.

Who Do We Partner With?

Oakridge Dairy - Ellington CT, Liuzzi Cheese - Hamden CT, Smith’s Country Cheese - Winchendon MA, LuAnn’s Bakery - Ellington CT, Arethusa Farms - Litchfield CT, Woodstock Creamery - Woodstock CT, Cortney’s Dips & Sauces - Berlin CT, Guida’s Dairy - New Britain CT, Hillandale Farms - Lebanon CT, Sunset Valley Farms - Broad Brook CT, Cabot Creamery - New England, Nodine’s Smokehouse - Torrington CT, Cato Corner Farm - Colchester CT, Argyle Cheese - Hudson Falls, NY