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When you want fresh local milk deliveries, you can choose from one of our three different delivery sizes: half share, full share, and family share. Each gives you an option to pick products from the local food producers we partner with. Why do we partner with local businesses? To not only provide our valued customers with a variety of delicious local products made from milk but to give back to the community in which we all live. At The Modern Milkman, we’re not just milk — we’re cheese, butter, yogurt, and more!

Our milk goes from milking to bottling at Oakridge Dairy. From there? Straight to your home! See our products made from milk FAQ to learn more about our process that brings you fresh milk. We also have digital delivery gift cards to gift your friends and family tasty products as the perfect birthday or holiday present. 

Once you know you’re expecting an order, just leave a cooler outside, and we’ll put your fresh delivery right in it. If you’re going on vacation, you can choose to pause your subscription for the week or donate food through the food partnership program we are teamed with.

At The Modern Milkman, it all starts with a happy cow. Ready to get farm-fresh dairy products delivered straight to your door? Have any questions about how it works? Contact us today to learn more!